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messageyou™ cuts truancy - guaranteed

messageyou™ uses cell phone text messaging, email and voice messaging to deliver immediate improvements in student attendance and safety while reducing unexcused absences and truancy.

Lockdowns, Emergencies - What's your strategy?

Is your school able to contact parents rapidly in an emergency or lockdown situation?

School Districts


  • Meet and exceed your duty of care
  • Maximize funding through increased attendance
  • Communicate rapidly in a crisis  
  • Build stronger, safer communities
  • Know your child is safe at school
  • Convenient and private - get notification even in a meeting
  • Improved attendance improves your child’s grades and chance for success

Automated, personalized SMS text communications are sent directly to parents' cell phones if their child does not arrive at school. messageyou™ can also deliver messages via email and voice.

messageyou™ interfaces directly with the Student Information Management System (SIS) and sends messages automatically, saving the school time and money, and reaching parents quickly and effectively.

Parents can respond directly via text from their cell phone, or send advance absence notification via text to the school office computer.


Parents can access this service through 2 simple steps!



Once you’ve confirmed that your child’s school is implementing a messageyou solution text the word “JOIN” to the number 94431.

You will immediately receive the message:

“MessageYou: You requested Student Attendance Alerts from DemoHS Up to 30 msg/mo. Other charges may apply. Text YES to confirm. Help? Txt HELP. STOP to opt out.”

NOTE: to receive the information your cell phone number needs to be registered in the school database.


Reply that message by texting the word “YES”. This will confirm that you want to receive information regarding your child’s safety.

You will receive the following confirmation:

“MessageYou: Thank you for signing up to Student Attendance Alerts. Txt STOP to end alerts. Standard message rates apply.”

You can text HELP to 94431 to receive the following information:

“MessageYou: DemoHS Alerts. For more info visit:  www.messageyou.com or email: support@messageyou.com. Text STOP to opt out.  Other charges may apply.”

You can stop receiving information regarding your child’s safety by texting STOP to 94431:

“MessageYou: You have opted out of Student Attendance Alerts for DemoHS. For more information visit www.messageyou.com or text HELP.”


Messageyou does not charge any premium rates, but standard message charges as levied by your telecommunication carrier may apply.

Details of Cell Phone Providers

MGM Wireless has prepared a list of providers offering low cost cell phone plans suitable for parents who want to send and receive text messages. Read More..